Increase or decrease the guitar tuning


First, we list all the notes together with semitones in ascending order:

C → C# → D → D# → E → F → F# → G → G# → A → A# → B → C → ...

To tune your guitar a semitone lower, you need to tune all the strings a semitone lower than they have been tuned. If you start from a classical tuning, it was - E B G D A E, it became - D# A# F# C# G# D#. If a tone lower - D A F C G D, and so on. To play on low tones the thicker strings are better.

Now about setting in a higher key. Here everything is reversed, i.e. you need to adjust all the strings evenly higher. But with this setting, the strings are likely to break, because the tension on them is much stronger than usual. In addition, if you try hard, you can even break the guitar! To improve the tone of the guitar, it is better to use a capo.

Capo - a special clip for the strings, which is installed on one of the fretboard modes, thereby increasing the tonality of the guitar. For example, if you set the capo in the first fret, the guitar will be "tuned" by a half tone higher, on the second fret - to the tone, etc.

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