Chords for guitar - fingering

Chords A (La)

Chord A
Chord Am
Chord A7

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Chords C (Do)

Chord C
Chord Cm
Chord C7

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Chords D (Re)

Chord D
Chord Dm
Chord D7

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Chords E (Mi)

Chord E
Chord Em
Chord E7

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Chords F (Fa)

Chord F
Chord Fm
Chord F7

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Chords G (Sol)

Chord G
Chord Gm
Chord G7

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Chords H or B (Si)

Chord H
Chord Hm
Chord H7

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The most frequently used guitar chords. This table will help any guitarist, both beginner and more experienced. Here are presented three main chords from each note - major, minor and seventh chord. Such tabular representation of fingering is most convenient for perception. But if you did not find the desired fingering in this table, do not worry, just go to the "See all" link under the images. Following the link, you will see the fingering of all the chords in the pictures for the corresponding note: sharps, flat, nonacord and others.

How to use chord fingerings

  • Fingering is a schematic representation of the chord on the guitar fretboard. On all images the first string is located on top (the thinnest), the sixth string is on the bottom. The chords in the pictures are fingering.
  • Numbers above the "grid" indicate the numbers of frets on the guitar fingerboard.
  • The red dots indicate which strings you need to press the strings to play the chord.
  • The red line indicates barre reception. To take a barre, use your index finger to clamp all the strings simultaneously. Beginning guitarists are particularly difficult to play chords with barrels, but do not worry - with frequent training it becomes easier!
  • To ensure that the chords sound flawlessly, do not forget about the tuning of the guitar!

A bit of history or where are the chords "B"

Very often people are not sure how to correctly label the note Si - H or B. The answer to this question lies in the X century, because it was then that they began to use the Latin letters to designate sounds. Each letter name corresponds to the letter of the alphabet. The scale in our time looks like this: C (Do), D (Re), E (Mi), F (Fa), G (Sol), A (La), H (Si). But in the old days instead of the note Si was used Si-flat and it was denoted by the letter "B". And the lowest of the used notes was A (La). The scale looked like this: A (La), B (Si-flat), C (Do), D (Re), E (Mi), F (Fa), G (Sol).

Now the chord B means H or Hb - in each case you have to choose which chord sounds better.

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