Online 7-String Guitar Tuning

On this page, you can tune the 7-string guitar online via a microphone.

How to tune a seven-string guitar?

The process of tuning a seven-string guitar is technically the same as tuning a six-string guitar. In the same way, we twist the tunes and adjust the open strings to the correct notes according to the seven-string guitar structure, which is shown below.


7-string Guitar String Notes

  • 1 string - D4 (the thinnest)
  • 2 string - B3
  • 3 string - G3
  • 4 string - D3
  • 5 string - B2
  • 6 string - G2
  • 7 string - D2

Click "Turn on" on the tuner. Play open strings on a seven-string guitar and tune them with the tuner. If there is no microphone, then you can use the sounds to listen to properly tuned guitar strings.

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